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Fran Kirley


Fran is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Nexion Health Care, one of the largest nursing home chains in the United States providing skilled nursing and rehabilitative care on 38 campuses in Colorado, Louisiana and Texas. His mission—to provide quality of care that enhances quality of life—has since expanded to helping others, including USA Bobsled/Skeleton.

“Hopping out of bed is a breeze when I remind myself how our bobsledders routinely squat 130-kilos, triple reps, in a combine. And that’s just the ladies.”

Fran’s firsthand experience with hip replacement has earned him a profound appreciation for the importance of proper physical conditioning, an occupational requirement for bobsled and skeleton athletes. “The discipline with which our athletes approach such punishing training is incredibly humbling.” He ultimately finds commonality with their journey. “I want to create a culture that breeds success. Honesty, integrity and quality are my touchstones.”


Oscar Tang


Oscar is the Founder and retired President and CEO of Reich & Tang, an asset management advisory firm for banks, broker dealers and investment advisors that is now part of Natixis. Originally our first Foundation Board member at USABS, he is also an active philanthropist for education and arts and culture, committed to the transforming role that education and Chinese art and culture can play in enhancing the position of Chinese Americans.

"For all the physical strength and power our athletes display, it's their unshakable will to win that inspires most.”

Elite athleticism forms a distinctive part of his philanthropic portfolio, due to his belief in the holistic development of mind, body and spirit. “It takes profoundly strong souls to pursue bobsled and skeleton. These are physically and emotionally punishing sports." Though, he quickly adds, there’s no denying the sports’ visceral thrills. “Sliding sports are incredibly fun. They’re fast, a little dangerous, and always awe inspiring.”

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Peter Converse


Peter is the former President and CEO of Virginia Commerce Bancorp, Inc. and Virginia Commerce Bank. Under his leadership, the bank grew from two branches with $54 million in assets to what became Northern Virginia’s largest community bank with over $2.9 billion in assets, 28 branches, a residential mortgage lending office and a wealth management services department.

"Our athletes merge teamwork with commitment and integrity in ways that the rest of us mere mortals can learn from.” 

As the CEO of a publicly traded company, Mr. Converse set the tone for corporate philanthropy by supporting business development within the communities Virginia Commerce Bank serves. He was similarly drawn by the USABS vision to evolve into the premier bobsled and skeleton organization in the world. “Bold leadership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence are essential components for the growth of any enterprise,” he believes. “I’m excited by the challenge of growing the sports of bobsled and skeleton in the US and beyond."


Steve Yelland


Steve is the President and CEO of JF Rohrbaugh Company, a leader in the pallet industry, producing, recycling and repairing industrial wood packaging and custom solutions for a variety of packaging and shipping needs. He is the fifth generation to lead the family business since its beginnings in the late 1800’s, and continues to maintain his ancestors commitment to safety, quality, sustainability and exceptional customer service.

"The fact that our athletes also double as their own roadie crew—packing and unpacking their sleds in all destinations—is beyond humbling.”

A passion for snowboarding led him to serve on the USABS Foundation Board, where the international logistics of shipping bobsled and skeleton sleds have earned him an abiding respect for both sports. “There’s no shortage of sensitive heavy equipment to travel with in bobsled and skeleton. Packing and unpacking sleds is a sport in itself.” It’s the team's blue collar work ethic that ultimately won Yelland over. “These athletes are the definition of teamwork, both on and off the track: hearty, determined and collaborative.”

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